What does Word-of-Crowd mean?


Word of Mouth Marketing | WoMM

You probably know what 'Word-of-Mouth' recommendation and marketing (WoMM) is. It basically means that someone you know tells you about something he likes or dislikes. If you trust that person, you are very likely follow through and act on the given recommendation. 'Word-of-Mouth' recommendations are highly effective and probably my primary source to find out about new apps, books and other things.

92% of people say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations by their friends and families above all other types of advertising.
Source: Nielsen Report

'Word-of-Mouth' marketing is a central part of all the popular social networks today, so popular, they even got their own variation, called 'Electronic Word of Mouth Marketing' (eWoMM). But let's not go into that topic today and return back to the original question.


Since Instagram's Hyperlapse app just released, I thought it would be fun to throw together a quick video. It's mediocre quality, but was actually quite fun to make...

'Word-of-Crowd' is basically a close relative to 'Word-of-Mouth', but instead of single and separate conversations with friends, Dobandee uses all the recommendations from the people that are close to you, you care about and trust, and give you a compiled result. That's also one of the main differentiators to today's popular social networks. Newsfeeds give you lot of single conversations and chatter on a timeline. In Dobandee there's the crowd and there's you, and to others you are one of the crowd. Which brings me to another important and interesting differentiator.


Since you are one of the crowd, your recommendations and data are anonymous. Nobody really knows what you like, unless of course you want to directly or publicly share it, but per default you and your data are absolutely anonymous. Think of Secret app's principle; information shared anonymously in your circle of friends is still interesting and important, even though you don't know exactly where it came from.


Let me know what you think, if you like the post and what else you'd like to find out about Dobandee!