Welcome to Dobandee's PreLaunch!


Today marks the day where Dobandee went live. I am truly excited about it and hope people will come in and join the community. Goal for this PreLaunch is to build an audience. I'll share more information about the timeline, the product/service, the vision and other news as we go here, but I really don't want to take too much of your time here with my first post. Instead I hope you've already signed up and tried out to bring other people to the site.

By the way -- together with the website itself, I also put the corresponding social pages online, so feel free to check them out as well... follow dobandee, like dobandee, be part of dobandee!



There's also a Dobandee-Newsletter that comes along with the website, this blog and everything else.

Last, but not least: Please let me know what you think of Dobandee, about 'Word-of-Crowd Discovery' and the PreLaunch-idea to build an audience.


Thank you & talk to you soon!